Visista works closely with limited number of startups incubating and mentoring them.

Business Idea Validation

Validating and helping “tweak” the business idea to ensure that the best value is generated and helping build the business model. Business model validation is a key success factor and startups need to search for the best possible business model options. Before you spend money on execution, Visista”s analysts will vet and validate your business plan

Business Startup Strategy

Mentoring the startup through its initial phase of building a robust business plan, operationalization and monetizing viz.

  • Business plan support
  • Prototyping / proof of concept
  • Go-to-market – helping formulate an effective GTM plan
  • Financial planning – helping build a financial model, budgeting process, accounting and control processes

Financial Planning & Funding Strategy

Funding assistance – Visista will provide funding assistance after working out the best financial structure and identifying the best funding partners.

Visista is very flexible in structuring its fee for startups and in many cases works with nominal or no upfront payments.