Global Intelligence

In the world of Globalization, market intelligence is increasingly internationally focused to enable organizations to expand their business operations through Mergers and Acquisitions.

Whether venturing into manufacturing, sales of services or products the assessment of risks becomes the critical factor to initiate this great journey for business success.

We at Visista BA help organizations to provide exclusive industry insights, profound competitive analysis and regulatory compliances reports to stay one step ahead of making key decisions in the right direction.

Business Opportunity & Partner Identification

In today’s world the only crucial thing to achieve success is getting the access to the right Information. The access to key business information at the right time gives an enormous competitive advantage in diligently handling the business opportunity for making it a real success.

Visista BA teams comprises of highly experienced entrepreneurs across various industry verticals and government advisors helping our clients identifying partners and investment business opportunities.

Merger and Acquisition Consulting

We provide the following expertise across the complete M&A value chain:

Acquisition Strategy

The first question that comes to every CEO’s mind is what will be the return on investment? So the buying decision will be exponentially dependents on the value generation. We will work with companies to decide where to invest in line with corporate strategy, prioritize growth opportunities and develop tailored M&A programs based on a client’s previous experience.

Tactical Due Diligence

We inform our clients in making right investment decisions with our fact based approach analysis on management and business operational subjects. We focus on value creation within an opportunity by conducting deep analysis of the market landscape, securing the customers’ perspective, assessing the competitive dynamics, auditing operations, and analyzing multiple cost/revenue scenarios.

Joint Ventures and Alliances

We provide complete assistance in joint venture process: strategy development, partner selection and operating implementation. We have found that alliances go wrong most frequently due to neglect in the first stage–strategy development. Therefore, we focus disproportionately on ensuring that deals are structured correctly from the outset, with a very clear, shared vision and a solid understanding of mutual economics.

Business Communication Consulting

Developing an idea is one thing, but showcasing it diligently to the focused audience is what the need of the hour. Business Communication is very essential element for corporations to communicate their business story articulated as per the target audience. At Visista BA we design most Powerful Presentations, Project Information Memorandum and Financials to showcase the complete business story to management and potential investors.

Business Development Consulting

We at Visista BA believe in integrating with our clients from an idea to the execution. Our business development consulting provides an ultimate platform in venturing into the markets with the right sales and marketing strategy. Visista BA supports its clients in Sales Analysis, Sales Planning, Global Sales, Implement Sales Process, Monitor Sales Metrics and Performance, Lead Generation, Channel Sales through Partner Network, Database Management and Representation across various Industry Forums for Business Development. We help in developing robust models and techniques for you to monitor the performance and progress of various processes and functions, constantly and consistently.